-Walt Disney


Cinema is more than a dream to me. The artistry behind the motion picture has always fascinated and excited me in a way no other media did. Cinema, in a nutshell, runs through my vein, vibrates the nerves, stirs my soul and liberates me. Today, as a Film Maker, I am proud to say that Cinema has become my life!


Born and raised in the metropolitan city of Bangalore, I am a Tamilian by birth and the second son in the family. I grew up as a very attached and emotional child always longing to be loved. My childhood and early teenage circled around the famous saying “the world is how you look at it; it all lies in your vision” shaping me into an enthusiastic traveler, avid reader and a visionary young man. Today, the most appealing memories of my life are rooted in this phase of travel, books and motion pictures.


As a passionate self-taught artist, my love and fascination towards Fine Arts made me join the renowned Ken School of Arts to groom myself with the technicalities and the fine nuances of art and photography. Enriched with the professional training, I viewed cinema in a new light, with a new perspective and with my own frame. I became one of those young men who made it to set a foot in the dream world of Cinema.


Filmmaking is an extravaganza, a spectacular experience! My start off “Thileepan” is a personal journey, a very intense display of “my own race, my own soil, my own root” encapsulated in injustice, indifference and intolerance. With “Thileepan” I found my roots, my soil and my people! Now, let the roots, the soil and the people take the voice and talk to you all around the world!